Crafting a Pocket Loom


Did you know you could weave on a loom using a box? Join us on Saturdays in July as we bring you Travis Meinolf’s Pocket Loom, courtesy of CRAFT. Stop by during regular Museum hours and weave on one of the DIY Looms or take instructions home to make your own out of a cardboard box. Weaving contributions will be collected and you are invited to return on July 30 to help stitch all pieces into a single textile.

Intern Drew Stefani is creating an interactive table just in time for First Thursday. You can drop in—or join us on Saturdays (July 16, 23 and 30) to weave with volunteers from SCRAP and the community. Diane Gilleland, editor-in-chief of CRAFT, blogged about the experience on

Join us on July 30 to join all woven pieces into a single textile that will become part of the Museum’s Teaching Collection.

Posted on 07/06 at 12:07 PM