Brian Jones



Toward the end of Brian Jones’ graduate career he began to experiment with placing functional pots into a non-functional context. The convention that a pot is “complete” after it has been fired is something that Jones was working to subvert image by the addition of other materials following the glaze firing (Essentially, he was locking plates into a wooden case where the audience could not access them.) Ways of questioning a pot’s function, both as an object and a narrative element, would naturally arise as different materials were composed to create new layers.

This juxtaposition complicates the reading of the work, slowing the comprehension and experience of what may appear to be a simple object. The pot’s domestic surroundings, the casual way in which it is constructed, and its surface against that of another material give the work a constructed and contemplative significance that will divulge its identity over time.

The Gallery will exhibit Brain Jones’s work April 4 -28. For more information see the calendar event.

Please visit Brian’s website to learn more about his work and process.

Posted on 04/02 at 05:52 PM