Bank of America Donates Betty Feves Sculpture

Bank of America has donated a Betty Feves sculpture to the Museum of Contemporary Craft. The untitled sculpture is a tall, stacked column of rough clay dug from Oregon soil with glazes the artist made from materials in the Pendleton area. It is related in form and material to Garden Wall (1979), which was installed at the entrance to the Museum’s retrospective exhibition Generation Betty Feves that critics called one of the best exhibitions of 2012.

Read more about excellent press for the Generations: Betty Feves exhibition.

Look over the programming and images that chronicled Feves’ impact on Oregon arts and the national ceramics scene.

“Preserving and illuminating the legacies of the region’s finest craft artists is a vital part of what we do here at the Museum,” says Museum director and chief curator Namita Gupta Wiggers. “This gift from Bank of America of a piece we would not have otherwise been able to acquire ensures that this important work by Betty Feves will be held permanently in the public trust, available for viewing and scholarship.”

Bank of America’s support for the arts is multi-faceted, providing millions of dollars in grants, large and small, delivering a wide range of support for the arts, from education and access programs at the local level to major investments that help institutions expand their size and services and revitalize their communities.

Posted on 02/27 at 12:55 PM