Mandy Greer: Dare alla Luce

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Mandy Greer: Installation as Stage

Artist Mandy Greer discusses how her installation, Dare alla Luce, is a response to the environment of a theatrical stage, as well as the aristocratic and domenstic environments she saw as a child visiting Versailles. Greer also dicusses how her commonplace materials - "trash, glass and gaudy jewelry" - are transformed within this environment. Videographer/Editor: John Brockway

Mandy Greer: Process

Artist Mandy Greer talks about the processes used to create her large-scale installation, Dare alla Luce, as well as her intuitive way of working to create elements that comprise the installation. Videographer/Editor: John Brockway

CraftPerspectives Panel: Curating the Work of Mandy Greer and Darrel Morris
January 22, 2009
Pairing curators with artists, this panel explores the collaborative process involved in the creation of an exhibition. Stefano Catalani, curator at Bellevue Arts Museum, and artist Mandy Greer join Namita Gupta Wiggers, curator at Museum of Contemporary Craft, and artist Darrel Morris. The participants will discuss what the juxtaposition of the two exhibitions on view reveals about contemporary craft today. An open discussion will follow the presentation.

Adult Workshop: Contemporary Embroidery with Darrel Morris
January 24–25, 2009
Oregon College of Art and Craft,
Join us for a two-day workshop that introduces the basics of embroidery to beginning students and provides enhanced technical and conceptual direction to those more advanced. Students will experiment with hand embroidery and appliqué using both traditional and non-traditional materials. Participants leave with a small sampler of these explorations, along with new inspiration to continue work on their own.

Curator Walkthrough
February 11, 2009
Listen, look and ask questions in an intimate setting as Curator Namita Wiggers guides participants through all exhibitions on view: Mandy Greer: Dare alla Luce, Darrel Morris: The Large Works and Toshiko Takaezu: Recent Gifts. Wiggers will give her inside perspective on the artists, the installation of their work in the Museum and how these fiber art and ceramic exhibitions relate to one other.

Craft Conversations: Glenn Adamson’s Thinking Through Craft
February 12, 2009
Join us for a discussion of Glenn Adamson’s world-renowned book on craft theory in anticipation of his CraftPerspectives lecture taking place February 21. Essential reading for anyone interested in craft, or visual art theory at large, Thinking Through Craft is a confident, inclusive analysis of craft’s relationship to architecture, design and contemporary art. Kate Wagle, head of the department of art, University of Oregon, will lead the discussion.

CraftPerspectives Lecture: Glenn Adamson
Craft in the 21st Century: Directions and Displacements
February 21, 2009
White Stag Building at University of Oregon, Co-presented by University of Oregon
Considered one of the most exciting young thinkers within craft today, Glenn Adamson travels from London to speak about current directions in the craft arena and his recent book Thinking Through Craft. Dispensing with clichéd arguments that craft is art, Adamson persuasively makes a case for defining craft in a more nuanced – and provocative fashion. Glenn Adamson is the deputy head of research and head of graduate studies at the Victoria and Albert Museum and editor of The Journal of Modern Craft.

Exhibition Tour with Marci McDade
March 14, 2009
Join new editor of Fiberarts, Marci McDade, for a walkthrough of the Darrel Morris exhibition. McDade is an artist, writer and former student of Morris.

January 22, 2009 – May 30, 2009

Curated by: Stefano Catalani and Namita Gupta Wiggers

From the Italian expression for giving birth, Dare alla Luce literally translates, “to give to the light.” Greer draws her inspiration for Dare alla Luce from the late-Renaissance painter Jacopo Tintoretto’s masterpiece The Origin of the Milky Way, which depicts a scene from a Roman myth in which Jupiter holds his illegitimate son Hercules to the breast of his sleeping wife, Juno, attempting to grant him immortality through her milk. As Juno awakens to find the infant suckling, she casts him aside, and the milk that sprays upward from her breast to the heavens forms the Milky Way, while the milk that falls to the earth gives rise to lilies. Into this extra-ordinary framework, Greer embeds the intimate narratives of the birth and nurturing of her own child. The presence of the used, the worn, the recycled, layers with Greer’s narratives, alluding to the universality of human experience through countless anonymous stories told in cloth, yarn, vintage beads, and baubles. Commissioned by Bellevue Arts Museum and curated by Stefano Catalani, Dare alla Luce is Mandy Greer’s largest and most intricate work to date.