ShowPDX: A Decade of Portland Furniture Design

Created by Jennifer Jako and Christopher Bleiler of fix studio

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October 31, 2014 – January 31, 2015

Curated by: Nicole Nathan

ShowPDX Innovative + Functional Furniture Design is a biennial exhibit presented by fix studio. Show2014 displays over 60 examples of unusual and stimulating furniture design while providing designers/fabricators/makers with a place and resource for peer and public recognition, support and dialogue.

In 2001, small group exhibits by local designers and fabricators inspired the birth of a regular venue for furniture design in Portland. Created by designers Jennifer Jako and Christopher Bleiler of fix studio, Show2002 was the first of its kind in Portland. The exhibit was a curated show of furniture design, featuring local designers, fabricators, and makers. Through the spirit and support of the ShowPDX curatorial group, Show2014 continues to fuel collaboration, inspire students, create dialog amongst colleagues, promote business and inspire events by other independent designers and regional designers at locations across the country.

In October, Show2014 opens to the public. ShowPDX: A Decade of Portland Furniture Design at Museum of Contemporary Craft is the first retrospective of this landmark juried invitational. The exhibition will bring together ten-years of ShowPDX, showcasing the evolution of furniture design in Portland.


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