Extra Credit: Students Mine the Collection

Extra Credit

Students Mine the Collection

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Listen to the curatorial walkthroughs and other audio programs related to Extra Credit here.

January 31, 2015 – August 15, 2015

The partnership between Museum of Contemporary Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art presents an incredible opportunity for collaboration. Our two communities came together to present this exhibition, an exploration of curatorial practices, hands-on learning, and creative inquiry. Following a rigorous schedule of readings and discussions on curation, four students have designed and executed an exhibition drawing upon the Museum’s permanent collection over the course of two weeks. They mined the collection with individual lines of inquiry including: How do we understand the body? How do we define beauty? How do we activate the collection? Why do we keep broken things in the collection?

Museum of Contemporary Craft is a space for learning, dialogue, and creative engagement. We have a history of welcoming diverse voices from the field to contribute to the Museum and its programs. By inviting these new practitioners to interact with our permanent collection, we serve as an incubator for curatorial and educational methodologies. In turn, the Museum’s collections are considered and presented in ways that give them new lives and meanings.

Extra Credit is a collaboration between PNCA students Rebecca Carlisle, Matthew Dan, Ivy Loughborough, and Lynsey Nelson with PNCA Assistant Professor and Inclusions Specialist Victor Maldonado, Nicole Nathan, Deputy Director and Curator of Collections, and Kyle Yoshioka, Manager of Public Engagement.


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