The State of Oregon Craft

State of Oregon Craft

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Podcast Listen to the KBOO interview with curators Nicole Nathan and Namita Wiggers here.

Podcast Listen to the panel discussion associated with State of Oregon Craft here.

Podcast Listen to the curatorial walkthrough of the exhibition here.

Video Watch a video and read about glass artist and contributor to State of Oregon Craft Eric Franklin here.

June 05, 2015 – August 15, 2015

Curated by: Nicole Nathan and Namita Gupta Wiggers

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Craft is the stuff of everyday life. It is a tangible rubric for measuring the state of the state and for discovering how we live through what we make. State of Oregon Craft and its related programming takes stock of how Oregonians make and live with crafted objects today.

At Museum of Contemporary Craft, we see craft and design as verbs for profound inquiry and engagement with the world. We are passionate about Oregon and about the Northwest’s long and rich craft history. State of Oregon Craft presents a survey of Oregon craft from emerging and established craft artists from around the state. Original craft works are presented alongside interviews with makers and photographs of studios and workshops throughout the state and clearly demonstrate that Oregon craft is living, evolving, and healthy.

In State of Oregon Craft, the Museum presents original research on the current state of craft practices and cultures in Oregon, showcases the diversity of Oregon’s craft artists and traditions, supports the development and continuation of craft-based communities across the state, and aims to spur conversation about the historical significance and growing artistic, cultural, economic, and historic relevance of craft to all Oregonians.


Blacktop Films, John R. Gatewood and Mary Z. Gatewood Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation, The Autzen Foundation, the J & S Bishop Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation, and the Ward Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation


Built Oregon


Anonymous · The Autzen Foundation · The Boeing Company · Blacktop Films · Broughton and Mary Bishop Family Advised Fund · J & S Bishop Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation · Built Oregon · The Collins Foundation · Ed Cauduro Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation · The Robert & Mercedes Eichholz Foundation · The Ford Family Foundation · John R. Gatewood and Mary Z. Gatewood Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation · H.W. and D.C.H. Irwin Foundation · James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation · Native Arts & Cultures Foundation · Oregon Arts Commission · RACC and Work for Art · Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust · Walter Clay Hill and Family Foundation · Ward Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation