Summer and Winter Straight


A traditional early American weave structure, Summer and Winter, was used for Colonial-era coverlets; a technique where a darker color dominates one side, and a lighter color on the other. In her workshop notes from April 21–23, 1989, Herrick describes this weave structure as a “beautifully logical, disciplined weave yet one which offers countless opportunities for originality. Some weavers feel it lacks the grace of overshot because the units are geometric in form. BUT this characteristic yields firm, well integrated, durable fabric which to me excels an overshot piece with its long weft floats (Besides I like the orderliness of geometric figures).”

The shawl is one of several wearables or functional objects that Herrick taught her students to weave. It is also a variation on the “Op” Art designs Herrick developed from the 1960s until her death in 1995. Herrick often wove multiple shawls on the same warp, using different weft threads to provide color variations.

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