Summer and Winter Polychrome


When a Summer and Winter structure is combined with a polychrome, or multi-weft technique, the resulting weaving can have what Herrick describes as “mysterious, different color blends” in “shadowy, subtle color variations.” By using wool in three or more weft colors, grouped in tones of dark, light and bright, Herrick produced and taught her students to create a “light, spongy fabric” with no clear right or wrong side and with surprising color mixtures and halftones.

Herrick usually designed her Summer and Winter polychrome pieces as she created them. Because her archives did not contain drafts for the specific weaving, Curatorial Intern Kristin Pesola, and weavers Ann and Jon Sinclair spent hours reviewing each block of Polychrome Purple (1975, Collection of Carol Smith Larsen), working thread by thread to interpret Herrick’s color principles and structure, in order to communicate the complexities of Herrick’s skill and use of color.

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